My Week 2018, vol. 40

Even after losing something and finding it, the appreciation can wane. You will be distracted again by the mundane. You will eventually confuse that thing with those other mundane items, thinking it is all mundane and normal. … More My Week 2018, vol. 40


My Week 2018, vol. 36

I get on the phone, dial the office, and say to Allyson who picks up, “I”m gonna need some help here.”

Allyson rushes over, not knowing what sort of emergency is waiting for her. At this point in the game, the chipmunk is at the top of Aura’s high chair, Shylock is ready to go in for death blow, Digby is clicking around kitchen floor wondering how to get up a high chair, and Aura is pointing at the chimpmunk having not yet peed on me. … More My Week 2018, vol. 36