My Week 2018, vol. 9

The sun was out over the Middle Tennessee hills, and we went out on their back porch facing the tall, wild grass and leafless hardwoods. We laughed as Wendell whined for Russell to throw his chew toy. The sun was warm on my bare arms. The world felt slow and bright, and it felt like a gift to be their guest. … More My Week 2018, vol. 9


My Week 2018, vol. 8

These days when I ask myself does all life matter, or what does human life matter if someday there won’t be humans, or what about a life that is snuffed out really early, or what about the bug I step on that I’m not even aware of–when I ask these questions it brings me comfort to think about that knowledge that we are the only ones we know of in the universe. … More My Week 2018, vol. 8