IMG_20150729_145141686_HDRI’m a nerdy, highly-motivated introvert, fashioning myself to be a freelance adventurer. I am generally restless, ready to travel. I love  things passed their prime like radio shows, watches you have to wind, baseball, train travel, and getting around by map. I love good poetry, good wine and cheese, and hiking for hours in beautiful places. I would rather walk than drive. I want to live in a huge city or in a cabin in the woods. I talk to owls. Many years ago, I decided no man on the Earth deservIMG_20150714_144652440ed to call Allyson Zimmerman his girl, so I married her. I wish to share with her every ounce of happiness I experience in this life. I hope to one day be a great writer, speak all languages, travel everywhere, do the radio announcing for a Chicago Cubs game, walk more than I drive, sail a ship, climb tall trees, and live forever (as long as it doesn’t involve soul selling or human blood drinking). I hope you find some pleasure reading all these things I intend to blab on about.


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