My Week 2018, vol. 12

At moments I got totally wrapped up in being with my daughter in the water. Swimming can be a very meditative exercise anyway. When I get into the pool, a part of my body wakes up. … More My Week 2018, vol. 12


My Week 2018, vol. 11

When I walk for miles and feel like the big world is totally open to me. When I feel totally alive, when my animal self is just as awake as my thinking self. Especially in this time I’m in now, I think of the lines, “I walked off you/And I walked off an old me.” … More My Week 2018, vol. 11

My Week 2018, vol. 8

These days when I ask myself does all life matter, or what does human life matter if someday there won’t be humans, or what about a life that is snuffed out really early, or what about the bug I step on that I’m not even aware of–when I ask these questions it brings me comfort to think about that knowledge that we are the only ones we know of in the universe. … More My Week 2018, vol. 8