lent 2016

i wanted to share my plans for lent this year with you guys who follow along with me on this little documentary journey i’m taking through the blog, in case you’d like to follow along with my lenten practices as well.

during lent we reflect, we fast, we add some new practice, we do something to focus less on our self centered needs and actions, and more on things that bring reconciliation and healing. it is a time when we are reminded our humble origins and through that our blessings, our abilities to help others.

over the past several years it’s been powerful for me to fast once a week and to write a haiku each day to ensure i take some time to reflect. i’d like to continue those practices during for this year’s lent, but i’m feeling the need to approach this practices with something fresh.

to enhance the haiku i write, i plan to take some area of the world that compels me, that i feel needs more of my attention, more of the world’s attention, more healing from us and less neglect. i hope to focus each haiku on a different one each of the 40 days of lent. i hope for them to become prayers of confession. i hope they will compel me to some sort of action by the end of lent.

i encourage you to follow and share your thoughts as they arise. i will figure this out as i go, but i imagine some sort of offering at the end of the season to one or two of these areas that is either most meaningful to me or that gets the most response from this community. we’ll see what happens.

as always, thanks for reading.




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