Oregon Trail, Day 1

For the next little bit, the blog will be a little different. I just began a cross-country trip to a new home with my wife Allyson, and I’ll be charted the highlights and the reflections they conjure up in me along the way. This is day 1:

I woke this morning in a friend’s apartment, crammed into a twin bed with my wife. My arms and back were sore from loading up a trailer with all our belongings the day before to send off to our new home. My parents came to help and were crucial to the process only taking one day. Friends new and old helped too, and we closed the night out with friends over food and drink standing at the kitchen counter top.

I spent most of the day closing up loose ends. I took the last of the recycling, I hauled off the last of our possession not going with us to the local consignment store Angel’s Attic. I went by the radio station, and they gave me recordings of some of my broadcasts to put on a jump drive. I cleaned our old house, picked up our rental car, packed it with the stuff we wanted to keep with us. It was a day full of finishing things.

As I left the radio station onto the outside stairwell from the 8th floor, two pigeons flew up from the stairs and out into the sky. I wondered if it was Pirlo and Bal0telli, two birds I had watched hatch out on the ledge of the building and go from greasy little balls of yellow to full grown pigeons. They were grown now, they were taking up and flying.

I’ve said goodbye to a lot of people recently, preparing to put a large geographical distance between us. We’re moving to Rockaway Beach, Oregon for a camp job that seems to perfect for us to be true. But, we checked it out, and sure enough, it is real.

Allyson got off work, we cleaned a little more, stopped by her parents’ to pick up a care package, and then we set out on what I hope will be a grand adventure. I’ve only made two cross-country drives in my life, and Allyson hasn’t made any. Allyson has never seen the Rockies or the Great Salt Lake. She’ll see them all in a matter of days.

StL_by_NightWe drove for about 3 or 4 hours tonight and stopped in Saint Louis, a city historically famous for being the gateway to the West. This is as far west as Allyson has driven. It’s where Lewis and Clark set out on their journey to find out what was out there. We will end our journey in our new home, just about 30 minutes south of where Lewis and Clark finally met the Pacific Ocean. They had some boats, servants, dogs, and a teenage pregnant Indian girl smarter than both of them put together. Allyson and I have a rented Nissan Rogue, three plants, and two cats who we might sedate if it comes to it.

I can’t imagine what all this future holds for us. What we’ll see in the next few days as we make our way west. What will happen to us and how we’ll grow once we live there. Tonight we sleep in the gateway to it all. Tomorrow we wake and press forward into uncharted territory.


3 thoughts on “Oregon Trail, Day 1

  1. Safe travels and good luck on your new job. Will miss hearing you on WKMS. Madelyn really learned to love back packing and camping from you at Lakeshore. Bless you for being such a positive influence in her life. She has talked Karyn into hiking at Fall Creek false this summer. Our loss is Oregon’s gain. I hope you all have plenty of rain gear!

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