My Christmas Wishlist

We’ll we’ve stuffed ourselves, and it’s time to start shopping for Christmas. I realized a few years ago, I’ve got way more than I need, and it’s nice to spread the love around during this season, so I’m asking you to donate to a few places I think need it more than me this year. So, if you’re getting me something, don’t worry. I really have everything I need. Buy me a drink or something nice to snack on. Spend your money in these places:

Central African Republic: Some terrible stuff is going on here and not many people know about it. This place needs attention and help. If you can’t give money, just read about what’s going on there and keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Golden Gate Parks Conservancy: A series of parks that are some of the most beautiful places to visit on Earth. I was married here, and I want to keep this place gorgeous forever.

Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Center: I grew up going to this camp, I worked here for over a decade. This place made me who I am. They do life-changing work. Help them do more.

And, if those places aren’t your bag, give to someone. Don’t just get a crappy present someone won’t use because you feel obligated. Help places that need it, places that can turn those gifts into something great. Happy holidays to everyone. Let’s let everybody in the world feel it.


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