This Week 2014, vol 16

This week summer continued to make clear that it is on the way. Humidity floated back into the air, and it was the last straw that pushed Allyson and I to cave and turn the Air Conditioner on. When the air is lighter and moving, you’ll feel it pass through your bedroom window. Even in the mid-80s this feels pretty nice to me, but it’s hard to deal air that makes you sweat on impact, especially when you wake up stuck to your sheets.

Early in the week, prior to the humidity arrival, there was a strong steady wind that gusted up around 30 miles per hour. I love this type of wind. Wind at this level reminds me of ocean breezes that are coming in completely unobstructed. I feel so alive when I’m out in the wind like this. Something is happening that’s out of the ordinary. It feels like something is changing.

As I work more at the radio station and become more comfortable with it, I realize that I really love the work of voice broadcasting. From years at camp, I already love storytelling, and radio seems to me the most suited medium for it. Even though right now I’m just recording the a 2 minute newscast, weather, underwriters, and what programs are next, I really feel like I’m telling small stories to the 10,000 some-odd people who listen to WKMS. As my bosses tell me that they want me to train for live work and say I’ll be taking on more in the next few months, I start to imagine how one day I might be bringing stories to people on a larger scale like the radio personalities who feel like second family I hear their voices so much.

I had a moment where this hit me and I started to wonder about all the other things I might do too. What about writing and teaching poetry? I’m studying that right now, and I love it too. What about working again at a camp someday? I’m great at that and have so many friends in Christian Camping. And then what about dreams of working in a national park? Being a travel writer? Nomadically herding sheep in the wilderness?

Taking these feelings down the wrong path could generate all kinds of anxiety about making the right choice and not wasting my life. But, then I started thinking about it more and realized that this is a fantastic time in my life. I am doing so many different things that I love right now, that no matter what I choose to do I’ll have 3 or 4 back-ups. Or, I might even be able to do multiple things all together. I’ve always wanted to be a Renaissance man, maybe I’m on the verge of succeeding in multiple things at once. And, even if I don’t, I can surely do one of them. What an exciting time to be alive. How lucky am I that I get to be on the radio, while writing poetry, while helping college students with their papers, and having enough time to go hiking in a National Recreation Area once a week?

Saturday night we had friends over and grilled out with turkey burgers, guacamole, and fresh vegetables. We put a bonfire in our fire pit. We sat out around the fire, and I listened to everyone’s conversation while keeping the fire going. There something so hypnotizing about fire, and I just stared at it, watching it rise and fall. Watching it grow after the wind came in and then settle into the hot coals. Once we decided to go inside, just after we put everything up, it began to pour down rain, thundering and lightening. What lucky timing for us that it happened this way. Not that I think there were any powers looking out especially for us or anything. It’s just a great feeling when things fall into line. Or maybe it’s just good to be able to look at life and figure out a way that things might be in your favor. I don’t know, but this life can seem so good when things come in the right order. That wind is always blowing somewhere.


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