Lent Haiku 33

Rain and cold returned,
I passed a stranger crying,
could not produce words.


5 thoughts on “Lent Haiku 33

      1. I didn’t count…..sorry! I guess that too often I take an artist’s word at face value. But for my own work, I do try to be more exacting. Very few of my limerick-style poetry actually are true limericks…being of generally more than one stanza and not as eloquent a parting shot in their last lines. But you are correct….haiku are composed of three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables each…non-rhyming and dealing generally with nature, traditionally. (Except for us funny Westerners who try to use it to denote just about anything!!!).

      2. I figured. Just messing with you. Hope you’re digging the Lent poetry. It’s been a great practice, crazy to think it’s almost over again.

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