“Chicago” in Chicago, a Hearn/Taylor Joint

On a man trip to Chicago last fall, my good friend James and I created footage of reading of Carl Sandburg’s, “Chicago,” in many of the cool Chicago places we visited. I love Chicago, and I love poetry, so this is a great little union of two. I’ve really grown interested the past several years in bounces through different mediums and finding ways to bring together many of the things I have nerdy fascinations with. I hope you enjoy the images and the words. The production (particularly the editing) isn’t perfect. We did it with a flip and Windows Live. I hope it comes through how much fun we had. It’s a fond memory for me now to recall sitting alone with James close to midnight in a subway station waiting for the Blue Line, reading all of “Chicago,” hearing the words echo off the walls with a far off train in the distance. It feel like we were doing something special.


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