My Lenten Itenerary

I thought I would share what I’ve chosen to do for Lent this year in hopes that it will help me stay committed to it, and because I feel like this may make the experience feel more shared. Over the past few years, I’ve really become interested in the idea of fasting and Sabbath. I don’t think we realize the benefits of going without things. It’s not that you need to deny yourself, so you can suffer and appreciate stuff more, though that could happen. It’s not even to give up something so you can turn around and give it to someone who needs it, though that is really what you should do. For me, I’m hoping that through cutting out certain things I typically focus on in a day, I will be a little more open to listen to other things that I don’t notice so much. We’ll see how it works. I’m choosing 5 days each week to dedicate myself to to try to be more open to how I might grow during Lent this year. Here’s how I’m planning to split up each day:

-Home: On this day I will pay particular attention to cleaning the rooms of my house and praying for blessings on those rooms and the things we do there.

-Silence: On this day I will try to be silent for most of the day and get rid of as many artificial noises as I can.

-Work for others: On this day, I will look to do work in the community

-Wilderness: On this day, I will try to spend most of my time in the Wilderness

-Fasting from food: On this day, I will go from sun-up to sun-down without eating food.

They won’t necessarily stay in that order. I will shuffle them around from week to week, to try not to inconvenience the people in my life, where they have to do more to support me than they really should have to. But, I will try to make sure I do each each week. I’ve also decided to document this Lent by posting a haiku each day that will relate to my experience. That way I can make something notable each day without taking on something that I won’t be able to keep up. Anyway, if you continue to follow this, I hope you get something out of this shared experience. As we go along, feel free to comment and even let me know what you are thinking about this Lent. The first haiku is on it’s way.


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